Senate passes NASA appropriations bill

WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a spending bill Oct. 31 that provides $22.75 billion for NASA in fiscal year 2020, but final agreement on funding for agency programs may still be weeks, if not months, away. On an 84–9 vote, the Senate approved a so-called “minibus” appropriations bill that combined several separate measures, including the […]

NASA Shares Incredible 3D Map of the Moon

Clouds may interfere with your skywatching for International Observe the Moon Night, but there’s always a perfect view of our satellite in a stunning new NASA animation of the lunar landscape. The animation, called the CGI moon kit, is composed of data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). The agency released it online to make data more accessible […]

The Sounds of Pulsars: Jocelyn Bell Burnell Looks Back on Her Incredible Find in New Video Clip

The segment is a deleted scene from the new documentary “Einstein and Hawking: Unlocking The Universe,” which premiered Sunday (March 10) on the Science Channel. It will air again March 14, on the one-year anniversary of Stephen Hawking’s death at 76 (which, coincidentally, is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.) Much of the theoretical work they produced […]